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Stepper Motor Controllers

Zikodrive ZDSP 2A 12-24V stepper motor driver and controller

Choose from a range of stepper motor controllers. From small and simple to higher powered and more technically capable stepper motor controllers. As with all our range we can offer a quick custom programming service (there’s a customisation request link on each product page).


Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor ControllersZikodrive ZDBL30 Series Sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Controller


We offer a range of brushless motor controllers with a number of different features. Whether it’s sensored brushless DC or sensorless we can help? Alternatively we offer a range of sinusoidal or trapezoidal BLDC controllers which can be used in a number of applications. As with everything we offer if you have any questions at all please just ask and we will be happy to help.


Stepper MotorsZDN17026 NEMA 17 Stepper Motor

We stock a range of stepper motors which have been carefully chosen to work well with our UK designed motor controllers. We offer motors in standard sizes such as NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 but also offer a range of geared and high precision geared stepper motors. We can integrate our controllers with these motors as required and also maintain a stock range of stepper motors with integrated controllers to help you perform as you need.


Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors with Controllers 

We offer a range of pre-optimised and ready to go brushless motor and controller packages. Choose from a selection of sensored, sensorless and 4 quadrant options, all of which can be customised and programmed to your specific requirements. This range gives you the benefit of both speed and exceptional performance in the sense that all packages are pre-optimised and proven in a range of applications. As with all Zikodrive products, if you have any questions or need a modification, please just ask.


Sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor ControllersZikodrive ZDBL15 15A Sensorless Brushless DC Motor COntroller and Driver

Our range of sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller are trusted to deliver around the world. We stock a range of power options and all units can be quickly reprogrammed to deliver the performance that you need, right when you need it. Please bear in mind that if you purchase a sensorless brushless DC motor from us we may need to request a sample of the motor that you want so that we can optimise the controller to that specific motor. If you’re not sure please just ask and we’ll be happy to help.


Sensored Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Controllers

Zikodrive Sensored Brushless DC are designed to deliver time and time again. Choose from a range of proven and robust brushless DC motor controllers which can be relied on to deliver the performance your application deserves. Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest possible quality standards, these brushless DC motor controllers can be custom programmed and quickly optimised for a range of applications.


Stepper Motors with Integrated Controllers

Choose from a range of stepper motors and geared stepper motors with integrated motor controllers. Simply select the basic parameters that you would like (for example microstep resolution) and order the controller and we’ll do the rest. If you would like a custom programme setup or would like a slightly different pairing than the stock options we have then please get in touch with us via the contact form and we will be delighted to help.


Brushless DC (BLDC) MotorsZikodrive ZDBLM42075 Brushless DC Motor

Explore our range of brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Suitable for a range of applications and available with a wide range of sensored and sensorless brushless DC motor controllers, this range can be setup in a huge number of ways to deliver the performance you need. We work with a range of motor manufacturers so if you don’t see what you need please talk to us about what you need and we’d be delighted to help.


4 Quadrant Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor ControllersZDBL20DC - 20A 4 quadrant sensored brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller - programmable

The Zikodrive range of brushless DC (BLDC) motor drivers and controllers includes a number of 4 quadrant brushless DC (BLDC) motor controllers. Available over a range of power options and with a number of communication and additional IO options. As with all Zikodrive Motor Controllers, the entire range can be custom programmed, optimised or customised to meet your exact requirements.


Geared Stepper Motors

We stock a range of geared stepper motors which can be bought as they are or supplied with a range of stepper motor controllers. We also offer a number of geared stepper motors with integrated motor controllers that can be used in a wide range of applications. If you need something with even more efficiency you could also browse our high precision geared stepper motors.


High Precision Geared Stepper Motors

Zikodrive high precision geared stepper motors offer an additional increase in efficiency and performance which our standard range of geared stepper motors do not offer. Browse our stock range and also explore options including integrated stepper motor controllers. From NEMA 17 to NEMA 23 and offering a range of torque up to 50Nm (in very compact packages) these motors can be relied upon to deliver.