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Our stock range of stepper motor controllers, sensorless brushless DC motor controllers, DC motor controllers and sensored brushless DC motor controllers can all be used ‘off the shelf’. Alternatively, we can custom programme them, modify the hardware to meet your specification, run custom branded versions or complete bespoke design motor control projects as required by you.

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Add a plugin board to a motor controller or request a hardware modification to a stock controller.
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Example One – a customised speed range for a stepper motor controlled pump

A peristaltic pump manufacturer requires a stepper motor controller that can operate with a simple pot input or a 0-5V analogue signal input. There are a number of options on the market but they need to ensure that the speed range of the pot keeps the stepper motor between 10 and 150rpm. 

This is possible using a range of ‘off the shelf’ products but fixing the speed range is either quite difficult or the controller quite expensive. 

At Zikodrive the customer simply finds the stepper motor controller they need – requests a custom programme to set the speed range and inputs – and we then ship it out pre-programmed and ready to go. 


Example Two – a simplified brushless motor controller to reduce cost

A customer requires 1000+ units/year of a small sensorless brushless motor controller – the ZDBL15 looks perfect but the price is slightly above what they need and tests show they don’t need all the current handling capacity of the ZDBL15.

In this example, we work with the customer to develop their specification. We then propose a modified version of the ZDBL15 which reduces the cost for the customer. 

By working closely with the customer to understand their exact requirements we are able to produce a cost effective, reliable motor controller quickly and cost effectively at a price that works for them.


Example Three – A complex data logging brushless DC and solenoid controller

In this example the customer requires a highly bespoke controller for a specific application. In an ideal situation it is also the case that the controller will be able to carry out other important tasks including directly controlling a solenoid and using safety features such as current monitoring and temperature monitoring to ensure safety and monitor performance.

As a result of our ongoing experience developing motor controllers we have a headstart in this development, getting the motor drive running quickly. We then work to an exacting customer specification to add the remaining features, ensuring long lasting reliable performance and control.

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“Zikodrive were an excellent find, they are always willing to help & their products are extremely reliable. We use their stepper controller in lab equipment that ships globally.”

Mike Smith MD Nymax Lab Equipment

“We are a small SME company and it’s very rare to be treated with so much respect from a company who realises all customers have urgent needs even the small ones. Thanks again. Fantastic service”

Ray Rutter Unique Kebab Knife

“When customization means cost saving Zikodrive is your best partner.”

Giovanni Mazzullo JMRT Group

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