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A quick introduction to the motor controllers and services we offer…


  • Buy with confidence knowing that we offer motor controllers for stepper, brushless and brushed DC motor applications with comprehensive UK based technical support.Zikodrive Brushless Motor Controllers


  • All of our controllers are programmable – currently we will set them up for you but soon you will be able to use ZikoSoft to programme the boards yourselves. Once setup, we will give you a unique part number enabling quick and easy re-ordering. Join our growing list of happy customers who enjoy quick and easy installation and quick product assembly!


  • Our controllers are technically advanced and designed and manufactured in the UK. They are perfect for a broad range of applications.


  • We have a proven track record of success including a broad range of testimonials and industry recognition.

See what our valued customers have to say!

“S3 Design and Development Ltd is proud to work alongside Zikodrive in the development of motor control systems for our products and customers. The attention to detail is superb and we are always kept in the loop as the project develops and they are constantly investigating innovative approaches to product development.”

“Zikodrive has a responsive development team with intelligent grasp of the applications. Valuable input to the design and seamless cooperation contributed to an enjoyable development project.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Phil and the team. They provided essential knowledge and skills, on time and on budget.”

Stefan Witton Head of Visual Merchandising SFD

“Nymax selected Zikodrive controllers for our lab mixer due to their reliability”

Mike Smith Managing Director Nymax Lab Equipment

“[Zikodrive Stepper Motor Controllers] are allowing us to go into markets that we could not previously tap”

Gavin Clinch General Manager TCS Micropumps

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The timely rebirth of Zikodrive TV

We’re delighted to announce the rebirth of Zikodrive TV – our once popular motor control instructional and support channel. A few months ago we took the decision to suspend the channel as we felt that the quality of output wasn’t up to the level we would like. For the most part this was about us learning a bit more about video production but investing in new equipment has also made a huge difference. Our aim with the channel is to showcase some of the features that our stock range of controllers. Sometimes this might be through quick demonstrations. At other

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