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We continually invest in R&D, developing new technology and improving on existing technology to deliver the best possible motor control solutions for your application

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As a UK engineering company, we're proud of the tradition of high quality engineering and innovation which has been a hallmark of British engineering for decades. We take inspiration from the companies that have gone before us and invest heavily in R&D.

Our focus is on several key areas which are key to delivering improved performance and improved value for our customers. These are efficiency, usability and reliability.

Innovating to improve efficiency in motor control

45% of the world's electricity is used in motors.

Of this, approximately 72% is used in motors operating in the 0-3KW range. 

This represents 32.4% of the world's electricity in motors within the range that we operate in.

There is therefore a significant challenge for all companies in this area to do their utmost to improve the efficiency of their motor and control solutions in order to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

We know many motor manufacturers are innovating to improve the efficiency of their own motor designs but, as is often the case in engineering, a good solution in one area can cause problems in other areas, namely with the controllers.

We've invested heavily, and will continue to do so, to improve the overall efficiency of our controllers and to work with motor manufacturers to develop solutions for many of the challenges associated with improving motor efficiency. 

If you have a project in this area or are looking to develop something new, please do get in touch with us. Our management team has considerable experience in this area and we're always open to interesting new projects. There is significant R&D grant funding available in the UK to support such ventures and we're happy to work as part of a collaborative venture.

Usability in motor control design - making it quick and easy to operate

Usability or ease of use in motor control design is one of the most overlooked areas in our experience. Especially in relation to brushless DC motor control, we understand that you want solutions that work, without needing an electronic engineering degree to be able to set the controller up. 

We work hard to develop algorithms and intelligent control solutions that enable you to get up and running quickly and reliably. 

This ethos is behind our stock range and the Zikosoft user interface and we will continue to develop this area, aiming to make high quality, reliable motor control solutions that can be up and running in minutes.

Reliable motor controllers are about more than just hardware design

Our final area of R&D focus is in the area of reliability and longevity. 

The motor control market is saturated with controllers with hugely over-hyped power ratings that in some applications are effectively treated as semi-disposable. 

That's not our ethos.

We want to build high quality, efficient and easy to use motor controllers that will stand the test of time. 


By experimenting, optimising and heavily testing a range of solutions we have developed a deep understanding of how to design and build reliable motor control electronics. We know where potential failure points are and can work to reduce them. We know what factors can cause damage or reduce life and we work to remove or mitigate these factors. 

Our experienced design team can support and advise on any of your requirements and ensure that the solution you choose will deliver the performance you need over a significant time period. 

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