A commitment to industry standard quality management principles and certifications.

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Quality is key at Zikodrive. We've built our entire processes around making sure everything we do meets the highest standards, certified by ISO-9001. We use tried-and-tested methods like Lean 6 Sigma and 5S to make sure our designs and products are the best they can be.

We're all about getting better all the time. Everyone who joins our team learns why quality matters so much and how they can help us improve. We encourage open conversations about how we can do things better, making sure everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns.

By constantly checking and improving our processes, we aim to work smarter and add more value, ensuring we offer our customers great products without wasting resources.

Experienced in a range of requirements

1.  DIN EN 61800-5-1:2017-11

2. IEC 60068-2

3. IEC 60601-1-2

4. IEC 60529


6. UL94

7.  IEC 60601-1

8. UL Registration

ISO-9001 Certified

We're ISO-9001 certified for design and manufacture of motor control electronics.

Being Flexible and Innovative

When it comes to creating new or custom motor controllers, we start by working out the details with you. Sometimes, we need to do some extra checks to make sure our ideas will work. We manage projects in a way that lets us try out new ideas quickly without losing control of costs or time.

Quality isn't just about following rules or having certain certificates. It's about our mindset and how we approach problems. We learn from feedback and mistakes, using specific methods to find and fix issues. We're always adding new tools for gathering data to make sure our decisions are informed and timely. We also plan for risks to make sure we can keep delivering great value to our customers, no matter what happens.

Quality Means Value

We know you don't want to pay for our mistakes or delays. You deserve high-quality products at a fair price, delivered when you need them. That's why we focus on managing quality well—it's how we make sure you get great value from us.

By keeping things simple and focused on quality, Zikodrive stays ahead in motor control technology, making sure we deliver excellent products and value from our UK base to customers everywhere.