Integrated Motor Controllers

Custom designed motor controllers, integrated into your product to your specification

We understand that integrating motor controllers into your product design can make a huge difference for product appearance, functionality and performance. Whether it's a pump that requires a full controller and monitoring system to be integrated into the pump design or a motor where the controller needs to be included as part of the overall system, we can help. Equally, where a product may require significant wiring to be fully assembled and connected to various sensors, PLC's, displays and power supplies, we can help.

We have designed a significant number of controllers for such applications and understand what's needed to deliver the right solution for your product or application. 

Small, integrated motor controllers

Small controllers that integrate easily into the casing of a motor or pump - can be optimised for thermal management and use a range of connectors or terminal options to meet your requirements.

Integrated for Performance

Motor controllers integrated for performance improvements - for  example in pumps with flow through the entre of the controller. 

Optional connectors for a wide range of applications.

Integrated to reduce assembly time

Reduce assembly time by integrating large parts of the assembly process into the PCB itself. We can manufacture PCBs to take DIN rails and other mounting points, making assembly fast and reducing opportunities for error or misplacement.

Motor controllers can either be either integrated into the wider PCB with mounting points or directly incorporated into the PCB design itself.

Whatever your motor control requirements, our team can help. We are ISO-9001 accredited for motor control electronics design and manufacture and can offer a number of services to help improve your product design and/or assembly time. 

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