ZD10LCD Stepper Motor Controller


The ZD10LCD 10A stepper motor controller is a stepper motor controller and user interface in one. Able to run at 12-24V and offering up to 10A (current selectable via the user interface in standard mode), the ZD10LCD offers unparalleled flexibility for product design and other applications.

Featuring a fully customisable 8 x 2 display and a 4 button interface, the ZD10LCD is available with a standard programme but can also be set up with a custom programme.

A stepper motor controller and PLC in one.

The ZD10LCD stepper motor controller with LCD display screen is capable of operating in a large number of applications including pumps and process control applications and laboratory applications. The onboard processor allows the ZD10LCD to be setup in a number of ways – either as a real time simple stepper motor controller or using more complex calibration features. If you’ve got an application where you need to run a handful of sequences at the press of a button the ZD10LCD can be setup to do so. We can modify the company name, programme names and anything you require to get the unit working for you and delivering brand consistency.

The standard pump mode included with the controller includes the following selectable options;

Selectable current setting.
Selectable speed setting.
‘Run mode’ – a simple running mode enabling the user to select current, speed, time and then run.
‘Calibration mode’ – designed specifically for pumps, enables the user to calibrate the pump by running a short calibration period, measuring the pump output and then setting the pump to this ratio. The controller will then auto-adjust to enable accurate dosing based on the inputted calibration data.
‘Dose mode’ – set the required dose and run. Best used via the calibration mode. Can be set to repeat at regular intervals (including setting a maximum number of doses) or run on a trigger input.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a specific application, project or programming requirement in mind then please use our contact form or call to discuss your requirements as we can pre-programme our controllers to suit a wide range of requirements.

For full technical details please download the datasheet.

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Product Type: Stepper Motor Controller
Setup: Onboard Interface
Operating Voltage Range (V): 12-24
Maximum Current (A): 10

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