The Future of Motor Control: Sensored vs. Sensorless BLDC Motors and Zikodrive's Role

At Zikodrive, we are at the forefront of motor control technology, specializing in both sensored and sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor controllers. In this article, we will delve into the key differences between these two technologies and demonstrate how our innovative sensorless controllers are revolutionizing the industry.

Understanding Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC motors are integral to modern machinery, offering significant advantages over traditional brushed motors, including higher efficiency, reliability, and longer life spans. These motors are crucial in applications ranging from electric vehicles to industrial automation.

The Benefits of Sensored BLDC Motors

Sensored BLDC motors incorporate Hall effect sensors to relay the rotor’s position back to the motor controller. This real-time feedback allows for precise control of the motor’s timing, optimizing performance across a range of conditions.


  • Precision: The immediate feedback from sensors ensures accurate control over motor speed and torque.
  • Performance at Low Speeds: Sensored motors excel at delivering high torque right from a standstill, essential for applications requiring a powerful start.
  • Smooth Operation: Users benefit from the smoother performance at lower speeds, making these motors ideal for applications demanding fine control.


  • Cost and Complexity: The inclusion of sensors increases the motor’s complexity and cost.
  • Environmental Sensitivity: Sensors can reduce the motor’s overall durability, especially in harsh environments.

The Efficiency of Sensorless BLDC Motors

Zikodrive specializes in sensorless BLDC motor controls (although we have and can design sensored controllers), which operate without physical sensors. Instead, these motors utilize the back electromotive force (back-EMF) generated by the motor to determine rotor position.


  • Simplicity and Cost-Effectiveness: Removing sensors simplifies construction and lowers costs, making these motors economically attractive.
  • Durability: With fewer components susceptible to environmental damage, sensorless motors are more robust.
  • Compact Design: The absence of sensors enables a more compact motor design, beneficial in limited spaces.


  • Low-Speed Performance: Traditionally, sensorless motors have faced challenges with smooth operation at low speeds.
  • Startup from Standstill: Initiating movement from zero speed without sensors can be problematic due to the absence of back-EMF.

Zikodrive’s Innovative Sensorless Controllers

At Zikodrive, we are pioneering advancements that overcome traditional limitations of sensorless BLDC motors. Our sensorless controllers are engineered to deliver superior performance, even at low speeds and from a standstill.

Our Technological Edge:

  • Advanced Algorithms: Our controllers employ sophisticated algorithms to decipher the subtle signals of back-EMF, ensuring accurate rotor position detection.
  • Adaptive Control: We continuously adapt our control strategies based on real-time motor performance data, optimizing efficiency and reliability.
  • Versatile Applications: Zikodrive controllers are versatile and adaptable, suitable for a broad range of motor types and sizes across diverse industries.

Choosing the Right Motor Controller

The selection between sensored and sensorless motor solutions largely depends on application-specific requirements. While sensored motors offer unmatched precision, the advancements in sensorless motor control technology, particularly our own, are making these motors increasingly viable for even the most demanding applications.

Conclusion: Zikodrive at the Forefront

At Zikodrive, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in motor control technology. Our innovative sensorless controllers are setting new standards in the industry, providing cost-effective, reliable, and efficient solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Whether your application demands the precise control of a sensored motor or the robust simplicity of a sensorless system, Zikodrive is equipped to provide the leading-edge technology you need.

Choose Zikodrive for a future where motor technology drives greater possibilities.

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