Zikodrive win grant to invest in factory upgrades to improve throughput and reduce energy use

We're pleased to announce further recent investment in our UK based factory following a successful grant application to the Rural . These investments will help improve our production capability in a number of ways including expanding throughput, reducing energy use and improving overall quality. We're delighted 

Key investments to improve motor control production quality and throughput

New Printer

The installation of a new printer means we can operate at a faster speed if needed but also highlights our ongoing commitment to quality improvement wherever possible. The new printer features a number of significant quality improvements over the previous model including automated monitoring, tighter tolerances and post-print inspection.

Second pick and place machine

The addition of a second inline pick and place machine enables us to significantly increase throughput whilst simultaneously reducing changeover and production down time.

New, lower power Reflow Oven

Reflow ovens are absolutely critical in ensuring high quality, consistent PCBA output but they can also be the most power hungry item in the factory. Our previous Iemme oven has done us proud but the opportunity to reduce energy consumption by more than 60% is a huge benefit to both the company and the wider environment and the new Folungwin oven we've selected is widely recognised throughout the industry as being a reliable, consistent option. 

Rolling Production Expansion and Improvement is a key priority

Production expansion and upgrades are a key for strategic priority for Zikodrive throughout 2024 and 2025 as the electronics industry has once again stabilised following the difficult 2021-22 period. As a result we've been very happy to once again start our rolling upgrade programme with investment in a wide range of new equipment to improve production speed and reliability.

Interested in a visit?

We're always happy to welcome customers or prospective customers to come and see us in Cragg Vale and have a tour of our offices and factory. We're lucky to work in such beautiful surroundings. Why not come and see for yourself?

We're delighted to announce the launch of our new, easy to use, fully programmable motor control range