About Us - an award winning company focused on intelligent engineering and rigorous quality management

We launched Zikodrive in 2015 because we believe that there are no problems that cannot be solved with the careful application of creativity, determination and ambition. This may sound slightly pretentious but the principle of this statement has stuck with us. We enjoy new challenges. We enjoy working hard on them and we aspire to be ambitious in the projects we take on, the challenges we address and the companies and organisations we work with.

We are proud to be a UK based electronic engineering company that manufactures in the UK and designs and develops new components in the UK. We are proud to export our products and services around the world and enjoy working closely with companies across the globe.

Our focus is on delivering the best possible solution for your application. By best we don’t just mean delivering the technical performance you want, we mean delivering the technical performance you want, in a package that works for your product design. We work closely with OEMs and manufacturers in a wide range of industries so we understand what is required to be competitive in these areas. We also understand the importance of building flexibility into designs wherever possible to enable you to exceed your customer’s expectations.

Our focus is on continually developing the two strands of the business. The first relates to developing flexible stock motor control solutions that can be used in a wide range of modifications. We work closely with key customers to develop this technology and design in as many options as possible to the technology. 

The second major strand of the business is our custom design and development section. We work hard here to continuously improve our lead times, prototyping options and general quality management procedures. We use an integrated IT system to manage projects, keep you informed and carefully manage the stages of the project. In addition to this, all manufacturing is carried out under the AS9100 Quality Management system.