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We design and manufacture motor controllers for largely stepper and brushless DC (BLDC) applications. We have a standard stock or ‘off the shelf’ range of motor controllers which we supply with a range of motors.

We also offer a custom programming and customisation service. This enables you to quickly request hardware or firmware changes to standard stock motor controllers. These can be as simple as branding or dimension changes or as complex as introducing a new communications interface or adding specific features.

For those applications where it is not possible or cost effective to make the changes you may need, we offer a bespoke motor control design service.

We are passionate about creating high quality, reliable solutions. That’s why all of our production motor controllers are made in the UK under the AS9100 Quality Management System. 


Zikodrive Motor Controllers are manufactured in the UK but they are exported globally to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. We are based in the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire.

We typically work with OEMs, product designers and manufacturers in a range of industries with our motor controllers being used in a number of applications from pumps to audio equipment and more (discover some of the applications that Zikodrive Motor Controllers are being used in.).

Our focus is on delivering technical and financial efficiency by offering you the perfect motor control solution for your application. This means you’re not wasting money on components and features you don’t need or time on setting these controllers up. We make the life of product designers and OEMs easier and simpler by providing the exact motor control solution, pre-set and ready to install. Whether this is from one of our stock range of motor controllers or from a custom or bespoke designed motor controller, we can achieve the same result.

You can visit our online motor control shop to buy online or if you have any specific requirements please contact us direct to discuss your requirements.

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Throughout our history we have been fortunate to receive a range of recognition and awards from a number of different sources. Highlights include being shortlisted as startup of the year at the British Engineering Excellence Awards and Zikodrive Head of Design Graham Fick winning Engineer of the Year at the Motion Control Industry Awards in 2017.

However, we have also received further recognition from a range of other sources. Find out more about the recognition and awards received by Zikodrive.


The original Zikodrive stepper motor controllers (the ZDS and the ZDSP) were developed throughout 2014 and early 2015 and Zikodrive Motor Controllers was formally launched as a company in 2015.

Since then we have gone on to expand our range of brushless DC motor controllers and stepper motor controllers and we now export these all around the world. The company has grown strongly since its launch and has rapidly expanded its customisation and bespoke design services as well as the stock range of motor controllers offered.

Find out more about the history of Zikodrive Motor Controllers.


Whilst we are a business we also believe in social and environmental responsibility and are committed to providing opportunities in the Calder Valley and wider area.

We are proud to support local organisations such as the Watermark Flood Resilience Campaign.

To read more about our company values please click here.

Zikodrive Motor Controllers are proud to support Watermark Calderdale