What is custom motor control and what are customised motor controllers?

What is custom motor control or customised motor controllers?

Motor controllers that do exactly what you want them to…

Zikodrive Motor Controllers as a company deliver motor controllers which make life easy for you. Whether you’re an engineer, product designer or hobbyist we want to help you. By developing hardware, firmware and software, as well as growing an IP database of design work, we are able to deliver custom motor control to whomever may need it.

We developed the business model to achieve this in one of several ways…

The first (and most simple) involves a quick programme change on a stock motor controller. This will then enable it to deliver the performance you need. The second (slightly more complex) involves the use of plugin boards or minor hardware changes to adapt a stock board to meet your custom motor control needs. This can be as simple as adding a plugin pot to control speed. Alternatively you might add a plugin board such as the ZDPIP4S which can include features such as LEDs and a range of switches. The third option is that we make a quick hardware modification to an existing stock board. Don’t forget, we own all of the design files and work which went into designing these controllers so a quick modification (let’s say adding a 0-10v input instead of a 0-5v input on a ZDSP stepper motor controller) is literally a couple of hours work. You will need to pay a development fee for this work to cover retooling for the boards but this is kept as low as possible. Production can therefore go ahead very quickly. The fourth option is that we develop something completely bespoke for your requirements. This involves designing a completely new custom motor controller specifically for your application.

A range of motor control options to get your project moving

We hope you agree with us that we have a large range of products and services which enable us to get your project moving quickly and efficiently. We’re proud to deliver custom motor control solutions in a large number of ways. We will always be honest about the best technical solution and the best use of your budget.

Motor Control Simplified

Our central aim with the customised motor controller model is to make life as simple as possible for you. Why waste time trying to master complex software or preset cheap controllers to do what you want when you can simply order from us and get the performance you need straight out of the box?

As always, if you have any questions please get in touch with us – we are very happy to help!