What is an optimised sensorless brushless DC Motor Controller and what are the main advantages of using them?

Optimised sensorless brushless motor controllers deliver exacting performance

An optimised sensorless brushless DC motor controller is a standard controller supplied pre-programmed with optimised firmware for your specific application. The process for this involves us working with the specific motor you have and testing it extensively in (as close to) the actual operating conditions as possible. Once we have done this we can then optimised various aspects of the motor performance in order to deliver a range of significant improvements.

What factors are optimised?

Typically the most problematic area of performance will be start up of the motor. Getting this reliable, smooth and consistent often requires a specifically tuned startup programme. There are a huge number of factors which can impact on the required optimisation. 

Specification points with the motors such as inductance, number of poles and max speed all have an impact. However, equally important are application specific factors such as the operating temperature, startup inertia and energy usage limits. The critical aspect is that optimising the controller allows it to adequately meet all of the specification points required for your application.

Optimised versus UN-optimised sensorless brushless DC motor control

Optimised brushless motor controllers are more energy efficient

The optimisation process involves tailoring the controller to the specific motor and specific application that is required. This means that the timing and operation of the controllers are perfectly setup and therefore perfectly optimised to use the minimum required energy for the application.

This has two major benefits – firstly the controller is as energy efficient as possilbe which is something all industry is now aiming towards. Secondly – poor energy efficiency typically makes itself known in the form of excess heat

Thinking of getting an optimised brushless motor controller for your specific motor and your specific application?

If you have looked through our website and particularly the sections on brushless motors and brushless motors then you have probably seen reference to an optimised brushless motor controller. In simple terms this is a Zikodrive Motor Controller which has been optimised to deliver the best mechanical and energy efficient performance for your specific motor and application.

What we mean by this is that we can set up any of our ZDBL Series Brushless Motor Controllers to be specifically optimised to the motor that you have chosen and the application that you are working in.

Ok, I think I understand, so how does this work in practice?

In practice, we will request a sample of the motor that you are using or are wanting to use and will also request details of