ZDSTS 2A 12-24V Stepper Motor Controller with user selectable options

Standard setup. Use solder pads to make adjustments as required.



The Zikodrive ZDSTS is a 2A 12-24v stepper motor controller designed for NEMA 17 and smaller stepper motors.

The controller is designed in such a way as to enable easy selection of the following settings (but can also be custom programmed as required);

  • Speed range
  • Current settings
  • Microstep resolution
  • Speed input

Simply solder the relevant pads together on the controller to set it to operate as required in your application and the controller will then function as required.

The unit can be controlled via analogue input, PWM input or pulse input.

For full technical specifications please download the datasheet. To ask a question about the suitability of the ZDSTS or potential programming changes please contact us here.