ZDSPUART 0-2A UART Stepper Motor Controller with 24 bit speed resolution


ZDSPUART 0-2A UART Stepper Motor Controller with 24 bit speed resolution


ZDSPUART - 2A UART Stepper Motor Controller for NEMA 17 NEMA 23ZDSPUART - 2A Stepper Motor Controller UART ManualThe Zikodrive ZDSPUART is a 0-2A 12-24v stepper motor controller featuring 24 bit speed resolution, full UART control and a range of optional inputs and plugin hardware. Designed to work well with all NEMA 17 and small NEMA 23 motors.


A UART based 2A 12-24v stepper motor controller to get excited about

The Zikodrive ZDSPUART is a  2A UART Stepper Motor Controller which offers up to 2A and 30v. It is over current and over heat protection enabled and possesses a range of other attributes. (Please see particular specifications below or view its datasheet.) This specific controller carries a number of characteristics which makes it excellent for uses where high levels of speed control are crucial. It also has 24 bit resolution. This adaptation of the ZDSP has been devised to allow you to have the explicit programming you need so you can have outright control over the settings.  We recommend it to be paired with either a NEMA 17 stepper motor or one of the smaller NEMA 23s.

Fixes comfortably onto a NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 with bracket

The ZDSPUART 2A UART stepper motor controller is explicitly designed to be able to be firmly anchored onto the back of a NEMA 17. We sell standardised packages such as the ZDSPN1718 package which offers up to 0.65Nm but you can also opt to mix and match the controller with any motor of your choosing.

24 bit speed resolution for phenomenal speed exactitude

The ZDSPUART boasts 24 bit speed resolution allowing for over 7m achievable speeds. In applications such as dosing or pump functions where precise speed is integral to getting the appropriate performance this level of control goes well beyond what you could ever need.

Top of the league for achievement

The ZDSPUART 2A UART stepper motor controller outperforms all other stepper motor controllers in its price bracket. It is a motor controller built for performance first.