ZD10LCD-K 10A Stepper Motor Controller with panel mount LCD display and user interface


The ZD10LCD-K 10A stepper motor controller is a kit version of the ZD10LCD Stepper Motor Controller offering enhanced user interface options, as well as a panel mount, backlit LCD display. Retaining all of the functionality of the popular ZD10LCD stepper motor controller but providing a simpler and easier method by which OEMs can assemble and integrate the unit into product designs and other applications.

A stepper motor controller and PLC in one.

The standard model comes with our pump firmware installed but we also offer a firmware customisation service for any specific requirements you have.

The standard pump mode included with the controller includes the following selectable options;

  1. Selectable current setting.
  2. Selectable speed setting.
  3. ‘Run mode’ – a simple running mode enabling the user to select current, speed, time and then run.
  4. ‘Calibration mode’ – designed specifically for pumps, enables the user to calibrate the pump by running a short calibration period, measuring the pump output and then setting the pump to this ratio. The controller will then auto-adjust to enable accurate dosing based on the inputted calibration data.
  5. ‘Dose mode’ – set the required dose and run. Best used via the calibration mode. Can be set to repeat at regular intervals (including setting a maximum number of doses) or run on a trigger input.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a specific application, project or programming requirement in mind then please use our contact form or call to discuss your requirements as we can pre-programme our controllers to suit a wide range of requirements.

For full technical details please download the datasheet.