ZD10LCD 10A Stepper Motor Controller with 1/128 microstep resolution, 4 button user interface & LCD screen



Achieve more than you thought possible with a 10A Stepper Motor Controller with LCD display screen and 4 button user interface

The ZD10LCD 10A stepper motor controller with LCD display screen is an intelligent stepper motor controller designed and manufactured in the UK by Zikodrive Motor Controllers. The ZD10LCD is available with a standard programme but comes into its own when set up with a custom programme. The Boxer iD Stepper Motor Driver case study provides a good example of what is possible with the ZD10LCD.

You can select some of these options when purchasing direct from zikodrive.com but if you need something more bespoke please contact us to discuss.

5% goes to Watermark Fund – building flood resilience in the Calder Valley.

The ZD10LCD is our ‘Watermark Product’ meaning that, when you purchase a ZD10LCD, 5% of the sale price is donated to the Watermark Fund in Calderdale. The fund was setup in the wake of the Boxing Day 2015 floods and you can find out more about the Watermark Fund here.

A stepper motor controller and PLC in one.

The ZD10LCD stepper motor controller with LCD display screen is capable of operating in a large number of applications including pumps and process control applications and laboratory applications. The onboard processor allows the ZD10LCD to be setup in a number of ways – either as a real time simple stepper motor controller or using more complex calibration features. If you’ve got an application where you need to run a handful of sequences at the press of a button the ZD10LCD can be setup to do so. We can modify the company name, programme names and anything you require to get the unit working for you and delivering brand consistency. Watch the video below for a quick overview of the controller or for more information you can explore some of the features available on the ZD10LCD Stepper Motor Controller when using pump mode.

Easy to mount

The mounting holes on the ZD10LCD enable easy mounting to NEMA 23 stepper motors and Zikodrive supply the ZD series with a range of stepper motors offering a torque range from 0.65Nm right up to 3Nm. Key specifications for the ZD10LCD can be found on page 1 of the datasheet but the most notable are the option of up to 1/128 microstepping, the onboard memory (allowing a range of customised programmes to be stored) and the power ratings (up to 35v and 10A).

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a specific programming requirement, project or application in mind then please get in touch with one of our engineers to discuss your requirements as we can pre-programme our controllers to suit a wide range of requirements.

The maximum speed and the microstep resolution on the ZD10LCD 10A stepper motor controller are closely related and, depending on the choice of motor you make, it may not be possible to achieve both the microstep resolution you require and the top speed you require. In order to make this as simple as possible for you, the customer, we will introduce the highest possible microstep resolution within the speed parameters you specify (unless requested otherwise).


Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions7 x 7 x 4 cm
Voltage Range




Microstep Resolution

Full Step, Half Step, Quarter Step, 1/8 step, 1/16 microstep, 1/32 microstep, 1/64 microstep, 1/128 microstep

0-5v Analogue Input

10 bit