ZDBLS1-4 - 0.7A 4-14VDC Sensorless Sinusoidal Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Controller

Standard analogue setup. Vary voltage and current input to change speed and torque or apply PWM signal input. Recommended for fan applications.


The ZDBLS1-4 is a fully programmable, compact sensorless Brushless DC controller designed to be operated in a range of challenging environments. The controller is highly programmable but, due to it’s size, this must be done by Zikodrive.

The ZDBLS1-4 controller has been designed to enable carefully controlled operation of equipment in applications where the power supply may be limited or unreliable – for example in battery or solar panel powered applications.

This design is perhaps one of the most common that we run customisation options on so if you do have a specific footprint or envelope or would like to add a bit more flexibility to the controller then please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we’d be very happy to help.