ZDBL45UART – 45A Sensorless Brushless Motor Controller with UART Control and Solenoid Option


The ZDBL45UART is a powerful but lightweight sensorless brushless motor controller which enables you to take direct control of the motor. For full specifications please download the datasheet.

The ZDBL45UART 45A sensorless brushless motor controller is a sensorless brushless DC motor controller offering up to 24V and 45A of power. The ZDBL45UART can receive direct communication via UART or alternatively via Modbus or other protocols.

Data can be stored on the ZDBL45UART as required, enabling features such as advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance, as well as other related requirements.

For full technical details and programming options please download the datasheet. Alternatively, to discuss the possibilities of the ZDBL45UART and it’s relevance to your project please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help.