ZDBL50DCUART - 50A 4 Quadrant Sensored Brushless and Brushed DC Motor Controller

 Standard UART setup. Full technical support as required.



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The ZBDL50DCUART is a powerful 4 quadrant 50A sensored brushless motor controller designed to achieve exceptional performance in demanding applications. For full technical information please download the datasheet.

Key Specifications

Voltage Range 8-24Vdc
Current 50A max (Continuous current depends on Heatsinking and cooling)
PWM Input Yes—frequency 1Khz 3.3V up to 36V Can be used for direct speed control or for speed reference with closed loop feedback
Analogue Inputs 0-5Vdc (12bit), 0-3.3V (12bit)
Over current protection Yes—includes current detection, measurement and limiting.
Over heat protection Enabled
Reverse Polarity Protection Fitted
Control Logic Inputs -0.3 to 3.5Vdc (some 5V and up to 36V compatible inputs available)
Optically Isolated inputs x4 working from 3.3V up to 36V
Power Outputs x2 working up to 2A and supply Voltage
Speed range Motor limited
Operating ambient temperature -40~+50˚C
Conservation temperature – 40~+100˚C
Operating ambient humidity 35~85% RH (no condensation)
Conservation humidity 10~90% RH (no condensation)
Intelligence Using 16bit microprocessor it is fully programmable enabling key parameters or programmes to be stored
Closed Loop Feedback Yes
Constant Speed or Constant Torque Yes
Recommended Motors Works with Sensored Brushless DC and can also work with brushed DC motors .