Solar Powered Motor Control Applications

Solar powered motor controls generally come in 2 forms – those that are powered by batteries and those that are powered direct from the solar panel output.

Depending on which option you’re looking at will have an impact on the best way to setup the motor controller. However, there are a number of commonalities between the two power sources. Firstly, both will output power over a changing voltage range which can vary quite dramatically. 

If you are looking at powering a motor controller from a solar panel connected to a battery then we would suggest that you have a look at our page on battery powered motor controllers as this has a lot of relevant information on the key issues involved in this from protecting the battery to optimising the controller to get the most performance from the changing power supply.

Controlling power electronics from a potentially unreliable and unstable power input

The most obvious and significant challenge with running any electronics from a solar panel is how to compensate and account for the changeable power input. This can be achieved in several ways. The simplest way is to use a discreet ‘dumb’ driver which will run if it has enough power coming into it and won’t run if it does not. By only using discreet components there are no issues with microcontrollers running on unstable voltages. How