Motor Controllers for Industrial Applications

Motor Controllers and Drivers for Industrial Applications

ZDBL50DC 4 Quadrant 12V 50A Brushless DC Motor Controller

Zikodrive Motor Controllers are designed to be as flexible as possible and are therefore suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Whether it be machine building or process control applications or new developments we can work with you to develop a controller or package that will work for you.

Our standard range of motors and controllers provides a good basis of options but if you require specific communications protocols, a higher powered industrial motor controller or something completely new please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Trusted to deliver efficiency, performance and value for money

We understand that in industrial applications there are a lot of factors in play when choosing motor controllers. Of these reliability and trust in the controllers that you are using is the most important. You need to know that they will perform time and time again. 

That’s why we design and manufacture all of our motor controllers in the UK. Our controllers are manufactured under the AS9100 quality management standard (life and mission critical) in order to ensure that they continue to perform long after they’ve been installed.

On top of this we strive to deliver value for money. Our customisation and bespoke design service allows us to save you money by delivering only the features you need. Talk to us about this or have a look at our bespoke designed motor controllers page to find out more.

Stock stepper motor controllers using simple analogue controls which can be tailored to your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways we can solve this problem depending on the specific communications protocol you require.

The first option is that we do a quick modification to an existing motor controller in order to deliver the protocol you need.

The second option is that we design an interface ‘plugin’ board which can go between one of our stock range of controllers and your PLC or other master controller. 

It is not possible to say what is the best value for money without knowing more details about the project so if this is something that you are thinking about we would strongly advise that you get in touch with us so we can help.

We are committed to providing the best possible customer service. Our UK based team regularly visits our customers to help with setup and installation or to deal with problems that might have come up in use. If it’s a customised or bespoke motor controller that you choose we would normally factor these visits in to the initial fee unless you had specifically requested that we did not.

If you are looking at purchasing one of our stock range in volume for a project and want to get some assistance with setting these up please contact us and we can make arrangements to deliver these in person and assist with setup.

“Zikodrive were an excellent find, they are always willing to help & their products are extremely reliable. We use their stepper controller in lab equipment that ships globally.”

Mike Smith MD Nymax Lab Equipment

“We are a small SME company and it’s very rare to be treated with so much respect from a company who realises all customers have urgent needs even the small ones. Thanks again. Fantastic service”

Ray Rutter Unique Kebab Knife

“When customization means cost saving Zikodrive is your best partner.”

Giovanni Mazzullo JMRT Group

“S3 Design and Development Ltd is proud to work alongside Zikodrive in the development of motor control systems for our products and customers. The attention to detail is superb and we are always kept in the loop as the project develops and they are constantly investigating innovative approaches to product development.”

“Zikodrive has a responsive development team with intelligent grasp of the applications. Valuable input to the design and seamless cooperation contributed to an enjoyable development project.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Phil and the team. They provided essential knowledge and skills, on time and on budget.”

Stefan Witton Head of Visual Merchandising SFD

“Nymax selected Zikodrive controllers for our lab mixer due to their reliability”

Mike Smith Managing Director Nymax Lab Equipment