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Motor Controllers and Drivers for Pump and Process Control Applications

The perfect motor controller for your pump or process control application

Zikodrive Motor Controllers (both stepper motor drivers and brushless motor controllers or ESCs) are especially well suited to pump applications and broader process control applications. 

We work with a wide range of pump manufacturers from peristaltic to diaphragm and gear pumps and we understand what’s required to get the best possible performance from a broad range of pump types.

Whether you’re looking for a basic ‘off the shelf’ stepper driver to get your peristaltic pump moving or you’re a pump manufacturer who needs a customised brushless motor controller designing and manufacturing to fit inside a gear pump, we can help!

"One of the things I most enjoy about working for Zikodrive is the opportunities to apply our ideas and technology to companies in the pumps and process control sector. We often find they can't believe the possibilities that are available with brushless and stepper motor technology and many of the projects we've worked on are now sold all around the world"

Phil Bates - MAnaging Director

The perfect choice of motor controller for pump manufacturers

Using a ZD10LCD stepper motor controller to dose a peristaltic pump

We work with a large number of pump manufacturers and offer a broad range of motor controllers which are perfect for a wide range of pump applications. If it’s a stepper motor controller for a peristaltic pump you need we have a range of options with features such as 1/256 microstepping, full programmability and a range of possible user interfaces. 

On the other hand if you are a manufacturer of diaphragm or small pumps that require faster motors our range of brushless motor controllers offer a huge range of performance advantages. The ZDBL range of sensorless brushless DC motor controllers are compact, powerful and can be optimised to deliver the best possible performance from your choice of sensorless brushless motor

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A driver for a peristaltic pump

Stepper motors are widely used motors with peristaltic pumps. A good starting point would be our range of stepper motor controllers.
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Brushless Motor Controllers

Brushless motors offer the best power to weight ratio. Have a look at our stock range. Give us a call to discuss your project.
Brushless motor controllers

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A bespoke designed motor controller for a new or existing pump

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Explore case studies of ZIkodrive Motor Controllers in pump and process control applications

Optimisable motor controllers deliver peak performance

We know what it takes to get the best out of motors. Together with your knowledge of pumps, this means that we know how to get the most out of your pumps. 

Whether it’s optimising a sensorless brushless motor to deliver the most efficient performance possible or carefully optimising the current and microstep settings on a stepper motor controller, we can help.

Our range of stock motor controllers can all be optimised for the motor of your choice. We’re passionate about delivering the performance you need, when you need it. In combination with a range of communications protocols and potential user interfaces, we think this enables us to offer you a powerful motor control package capable of maximising the possibilities of your pumps.

ZDBL30 Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Controller

Frequently Asked Questions

“Zikodrive were an excellent find, they are always willing to help & their products are extremely reliable. We use their stepper controller in lab equipment that ships globally.”

Mike Smith MD Nymax Lab Equipment

“We are a small SME company and it’s very rare to be treated with so much respect from a company who realises all customers have urgent needs even the small ones. Thanks again. Fantastic service”

Ray Rutter Unique Kebab Knife

“When customization means cost saving Zikodrive is your best partner.”

Giovanni Mazzullo JMRT Group

“S3 Design and Development Ltd is proud to work alongside Zikodrive in the development of motor control systems for our products and customers. The attention to detail is superb and we are always kept in the loop as the project develops and they are constantly investigating innovative approaches to product development.”

“Zikodrive has a responsive development team with intelligent grasp of the applications. Valuable input to the design and seamless cooperation contributed to an enjoyable development project.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Phil and the team. They provided essential knowledge and skills, on time and on budget.”

Stefan Witton Head of Visual Merchandising SFD

“Nymax selected Zikodrive controllers for our lab mixer due to their reliability”

Mike Smith Managing Director Nymax Lab Equipment

When changing from DC motors to brushless or stepper motors it is really important to understand the specific nature of the application and pump performance. 

In general we would suggest that you have a look at our main frequently asked questions section which has several articles on this subject or if you’d rather get in touch with us directly we would be happy to help.

Broadly speaking it depends on the RPM you are looking to achieve. At low RPMs (<600rpm) stepper motors will have much more control and will deliver a much smoother performance. 

At higher RPMs (>600rpm) it is likely that brushless DC will deliver more efficiency and better performance.

Generally speaking customised controllers become seriously cost effective once you go over the 1000 units/year mark. However, that said, we have a number of customers who we have saved money who take approximately 200 units/year. As with a lot of the factors involved, it really does depend on your specific project so we would always encourage you to get in touch with us to have a discussion as to how we might be able to help.

Ultimately, it depends on the functionality that you require from the pump. If all you need is a simple run programme that starts as soon as voltage is applied with a relatively low life span then there is probably little point in using a Zikodrive brushless DC motor controller

However, our motor controllers can offer a huge amount of performance advantages against low cost brushless ESCs. These include:

  1. Additional safety protections to protect the user, wider system, pump and controller.
  2. Longer life. Better build quality and design as well as in built safety mechanisms ensure long life.
  3. Improved performance options. Our controllers can be tailored to meet whatever performance requirements you have, whether it’s tailored speed range, constant speed, smooth startup, starting under load or anything else. If you’re not sure, please contact us to discuss your motor control needs.
  4. Comprehensive Customer Service. We will work with you to ensure the controller delivers the performance you need. Whether it’s remote tech support to help get support, onsite technical support or just email support you can be certain you’ll get the help you need.

Well, the quickest option would be to give us a call to discuss your requirements

However, if you prefer to read a bit more about it before giving us a call then you can. We regularly add new information to our FAQs and ZikoUniversity pages to try and help prospective customers find out what the best option is for them.

We also do our best to man our online chat system from our UK office so if that is online then you can always ask us there.

It depends on the specific nature of the dosing application. For low volume it is nearly always best to use stepper motors and controllers as these provide much more positional accuracy. However, if the system is required to dose in higher volumes then stepper motors may not be able to deliver the volume required. In this case a brushless DC motor and controller can be a good option. You can find out more about dosing with brushless DC motors and controllers here – there are several potential methods that can be used.

In addition to this there are further benefits to be had from exploring using a geared brushless DC motor and controller. For more information on this it is usually best to get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements so that we can then make an informed recommendation.

We understand.

We can provide any of our stock motor controllers as ‘own brand’ or white label motor controllers. This incurs a small retooling charge and will have to be quoted accordingly.

Click here to find out more about own brand motor controllers and to request a quote for the units you need.

Perfect for Peristaltics

See what the ZD10LCD Stepper Motor Controller in Pump Mode can do.
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Some thoughts from our Head of Design

“A large part of our work in recent years has been in the pumps and process control industry and much of the experience we have gained has put us in a great position to help. I think we understand the challenges involved in this industry in a way that perhaps not many similar motor control companies do and this is something that has helped us when delivering projects in this areas.

One thing I would say is that there is a huge amount of potential options in our standard range now, which has been expanding strongly over the last 3 years or so. I think people often forget just how much variety and optimisation can be delivered through custom programming one of these. Whether it’s an optimised brushless motor controller for a specific motor that you have chosen or reworking the core programme on the ZD10LCD to deliver the options you need, it is certainly worth a look before going ahead with a bespoke project. 

Beyond that, I would just encourage anyone with any projects in this area to give us a call if they have any questions. As I say we have carried out a large number of projects in this area now so we often find that we have ideas our customer’s haven’t even thought of which can make a big difference to their project outcome, both commercially and technically speaking”.

Graham Fick – Head of Design at Zikodrive Motor Controllers

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