Motor Controllers for Automotive Applications

We work with a number of clients in the automotive sector to deliver lightweight, powerful and optimised motor control electronics for a range of applications. From F1 to small electric vehicles we thrive on the challenge of finding the right solution for your particular application. We understand that, more than any other type of application, you need exacting specifications, responsive lead times and responsive technical support.

Rapid Proof of Concepts

We use our extensive library of controller designs and responsive team to deliver rapid proof of concepts. We’ll work with you to assess the requirements of your particular project and deliver proof of concept electronics to enable rapid testing and assessment. Our fully insured technical support staff can visit you on site if required to assist with setup and testing or alternatively we can conduct this remotely. 

Once, you’re happy with the performance we’ll manufacture the production versions under AS9100 quality management system and deliver them on time and full supported. We’ll then follow up to ensure that everything is as you expect and make any additional changes you require there and then. Unless otherwise stated, all of our controllers are microcontroller based so there are huge numbers of potential adjustments that can be made if required. This provides the flexibility and confidence you need to meet this demanding market.