Audio Applications

Motors and Controllers for Audio Applications

ZDDC - High resolution closed loop motor controller for audio turntable applications

We understand the exacting performance required in audio applications. Our ZDDC motor controller provides exceptional resolution and can work with a broad range of motors to deliver many hours of reliable performance. 

We can supply complete packages including motors, drivers, cables and all relevant connectors and user hardware. On top of this we can offer a significant number of options for user interfaces. Whether its a simple switch input system that you need or a more in depth LCD system to highlight key performance characteristics, we can help.

The flexibility to set your imagination free

We understand that when you’re designing a turntable you need exacting performance, low vibration and exceptional low EMC from the drive system. We also understand that the user wants an array of different potential options and wants to be able to change speed quickly and easily. 

With the ZDDC programmable controller you can choose how you control the turntable. Simply tell us what you need for your project and we will sort the rest!

Supplied as a package with Swiss precious metal motor

We can supply the ZDDC board as a standalone board for you to pair with any relevant motor you wish. However, we can also offer this as a standard package with a Swiss precious metal motor. 

This system is proven to work exceptionally well with a range of platter weights.