Motor drivers and motor controllers for the arcade and amusement industry - stepper, brushless DC and more...

Zikodrive motor controllers are increasingly being used in the arcade and amusement industry. Part of the reason for this is that, like all industry, there is a move towards more efficient technologies – brushless DC and stepper motors are a good example of this. A second part is that our stock range of motors and controllers provide a huge amount of potential for innovation in the industry. Pre-programmed and custom programmable controllers enable designers to go to places that were previously not thought possible and solve challenges that may have involved complex mechanical work only a few years ago. 

Helping you to create new possibilities in a challenging and ever-changing market

The Zikodrive ZD10LCD is a powerful stepper motor controller with inbuilt user interface. More commonly used in the pump market it nonetheless highlights some of the possibilities available with Zikodrive controllers. 

Request quick programme changes to be made to this stock controller or alternatively, as us about developing your own user interface to work with one of ou