Applications and Case Studies - Explore Zikodrive Brushless DC, Stepper and Brushed DC Motor Controllers in Use

Zikodrive Motor Controllers are used in a huge range of applications – from robotics to pumps to audio equipment and more. The inherent flexibility of our approach means that we can rapidly adapt to meet your requirements. We regularly update this page to include new case studies of Zikodrive Motor Controllers in use. We have also added a number of additional pages on typical applications and things to think about when choosing the best option.

Where possible we try and include video footage of specific applications to clearly illustrate the work we have done and the way in which the specific application functions. If you are interested in these sorts of videos then please subscribe to your Youtube Channel to stay up to date.

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Case studies of Zikodrive Motor Controllers in Use

This project involved modifying the hardware design of a stock Zikodrive Brushless Controller in order to enable the unit to handle more current.

Find out more about the higher current version of a stock Zikodrive Brushless DC Motor Controller here.

The Zikodrive ZD10LCD is an incredibly flexible stepper motor controller, PLC and GUI in one. See what the ZD10LCD stepper motor controller can do in pump mode here.

This controller was based around a high current sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller with a range of additional safety features, data logging and solenoid control.

To find out more about this powerful brushless DC motor controller please click here.

The development of a brushed DC motor controller for high end turntables was a fascinating project.

Explore how we developed the driver and customer interface here.

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