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At Zikodrive we work with a large range of companies in different industries. As a result we have significant experience in understanding the different challenges faced by a wide range of industries. In part this can involve changes brought about by new technologies, new processes or new competition. We’ve worked with a number of companies on consultancy projects in the following areas;

  1. Replacing obsolete parts with new parts without impacting on the wider product assembly process. 
  2. Exploring opportunities for cost savings through standardisation of certain parts. 
  3. PLC replacement to reduce cost. 
  4. Product development consulting – our technical team can advise on the range of options you might have to achieve a particular objective. We work to understand your requirements and can then report on the options you require with some product recommendations (whether Zikodrive or not).
  5. Feasibility consulting – understanding what exactly is required for a project to go ahead and reporting on exactly where the specification for a particular application should be.

Cutting Cost from an existing product

Finding the right motor for a specific application can be a complicated issue – especially in cases where there are a number of different versions of the same product. This can include the right type of motor – whether brushless, stepper or brushed DC is the best option, as well as the specific motor version. We’ll work with you to ensure we find the best possible solution for the project you have and can even work with our partners to supply a complete motion control package.

Whatever your application requirements we can help find the best possible solution for your requirement.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients to replace PLCs from product design. We’ve saved customers £000’s by developing integrated electronic solutions that incorporate motor drivers and controllers with the wider functionality required for a product. 

Examples include drivers with integrated GUIs, solenoid controls, data logging, safety outputs, temperature and current monitoring, as well as a whole lot more. 

If you’re looking to cut costs from an existing system and/or simplify the assembly process then a PLC replacement project could be a good way of doing this. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to arrange a phone call or meeting with our tech support team.

There is a major move across the planet which is being reflected in industry to reduce energy use in a range of applications. Perhaps the most common method for this within motor control has been the huge growth in the number of applications that are switching away from AC or brushed DC motors to brushless DC (BLDC) motors.

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors have the best power density ratio of any available motors and also offer increased levels of control and efficiency. On top of this, controllers such as the Zikodrive range can add a wide range of functionality including sensorless control, 4 quadrant control and more. This enables brushless DC systems to simultaneously reduce the energy use of a system and also increase the functionality of it. 

Interested in how this might work for your application? Get in touch with us today.

I want one solution to replace several components

So you’ve developed your proof of concept using Arduino or similar motor control systems but now you need a robust, industrial solution to take the product to market…

We can help.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients to take specifications developed using a range of solutions into integrated, robust and reliable industry ready packages.

It may be possible to do this using an off the shelf motor controller or it may be that a custom solution needs to be developed. Whatever’s required we have the expertise and the technical know how to support your requirements. Get in touch with us today to set the ball rolling…

We’ve worked with a number of clients who had developed successful products using an array of different ‘off the shelf’ products all of which needed to be specially set up for each product. 

Whether it’s one customer who was manufacturing the same product in around 100 different versions, all with different gearbox and motor combinations or another who was manually removing and adding surface mount resistors to a cheap driver to get the settings he required. 

Our team can work with you to understand what you have and how best to save you time and money.

I am designing something new

If you’re designing something new then you’ve probably got the benefit of having time on your hands to explore the best option for your new project. We can help you explore a range of different cost saving options and performance options before you commit to any specific design restrictions. 

We’re happy to work with you around any development timescales you may have and can often get quickly developed prototypes up and running if you need a quick proof of concept to move to the next stage.

Get in touch with us below to explore how we can help.

Whether you’re an experienced engineer or a complete beginner (both of which have started successful companies over the years), getting a new design off the ground can be difficult. Many large companies don’t want to work with startups because of the long development times and high failure rate of new businesses. 

We’re different.

We know what it’s like trying to get an idea off the ground and where possible we will support you as much as we can. If you’re looking for a specific driver for a specific purpose then you can start by browsing our shop. If you have a new product idea but aren’t sure on the best solution for your project then contact us below and we’ll be happy to help.

The good thing about working with a company like Zikodrive is that we also work in the design and sales side of electronic engineering. This means if you need help developing a quick proof of concept we can liaise directly with the design team to get a customised solution working quickly.

Once we’ve done this we can use our project management and new development experience to support you all the way.

I am not sure what I need

If you’re completely new to motors and controllers or have been tasked with solving a problem and aren’t sure where to start, we are more than happy to help.

Our UK based consultancy team are more than happy to help you. Get in touch with us using the contact form below or give us a call on the main line number.

We’ve tried hard to add as many articles and information to this site to provide people with useful resources for when they’re designing a new product. You can have a look at our stock range of motor control products here.

Alternatively, for FAQ articles, in depth theory and practical options you can click here.

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