Coronavirus Statement

We are working hard to minimise the disruption being felt worldwide as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. We are doing everything we can to maintain ongoing design projects, shipments and production but we are at the mercy of global issues and supply chains and so may experience disruption. This has been primarily felt in relation to shipping and supply of certain key components but we are working with suppliers to reduce incidences of this.


Ventilators and related equipment


Some of the units we produce are potentially relevant for applications which have suddenly found themselves in high demand such as ventilators, disinfecting equipment and similar goods. We have existing stock of stepper motor controllers, brushless DC motor controllers and sensorless brushless DC motor controllers and can work with you to optimise these as required.

As a result we are working hard to maintain stock of standard items and work with suppliers to ensure a reliable supply. We are happy to work closely with any companies producing this type of equipment and are monitoring emails constantly in order to respond quickly to any requirements that may arise. If you are producing this type of equipment and would like to talk to us please use 07818401187 if there is no answer on the main line.