Company Values

An Important Part of Who We Are

We were founded on the basis of several important values which we are proud to maintain. We certainly do not wish to be ‘preachy’ about any of these values but we are nonetheless committed to ensuring that we abide by them at all times in order to achieve the broader outcomes that we desire as a company.

We have seen first hand the challenges faced, especially by the younger generations in the UK and wider world and are keen to support recruitment in this area wherever possible. In addition to this, we have a proactive CSR policy in order to actively support useful charities and causes where we can. We fully recognise that the world is at a unique point in its history and that companies will be hugely important in shaping the response to climate change, rising inequality and the wider social challenges that these two factors will represent. We can’t do everything but where we can do something we will.

We welcome enquiries from charities or events groups in the local area and will do our best to help wherever we can. We will also prioritise those projects where carbon reduction is a major aim.

Pay structure

The owners, shareholders and Directors will never receive more than 5 times the lowest paid full time staff at the company.

A commitment to UK manufacturing

All Zikodrive Motor Controllers are designed and manufactured in the UK. This is to ensure fast lead times and high quality workmanship but also because we are passionate about the opportunities that can be created by having socially responsible manufacturing businesses in the UK. We have seen the damage wrought by the decline of the last wave of major industrial innovation in the UK and are keen to play our own miniscule part in replacing some of the industry and pride lost during this time in the North of the UK.

NOTE: Unfortunately, we have been unable to source UK manufactured motors which work within our business model but we are open to any discussions from interested parties who may be able to support this.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to being environmentally responsible. We limit travel as much as possible in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We also source goods as locally as is possible in order to reduce the distance travelled by our components. We procure all energy from fully renewable providers.

Fairness and an Active Interest in New Developments

We recognise that any new development involves risk. We have all seen many projects fail because interested parties are unable to find the right way to work together. Where a project involves commercial risk we endeavour to develop models which are fair for all parties and which will share and mitigate risk in an appropriate way. The motivation for this is simple. By working together and building trust we believe that we can be part of an innovative and developing economy.

No Tacit Acceptance of Labour Exploitation or Environmental Damage

We do everything possible to ensure that we do not work with or tacitly support labour exploitation or environmental damage through the business partners we work with. All of the components we use meet RoHS and REACH regulations. In addition, we work hard to re-use before we recycle.

Socially Responsible

We strive to work in as socially responsible a way as possible. The world is changing and we believe that business needs to change to reflect this. We’re committed to providing as many opportunities as possible for young people, have proactive policies to support staff development, training and recruitment and have pledged to explore more equitable ownership models as soon as we are able to.