The Value of Vertical Integration

The Value of Vertical Integration It is firstly worth clarifying what we mean by vertical integration. A vertically integrated company is one that takes responsibility for all aspects of its delivery from sales, through design and manufacturing to all other aspects of the company’s processes. Rather than relying on others for marketing, manufacturing, sales or […]

The Rise of Low Inductance Motors

The Rise of Low Inductance Motors As greater and greater efficiency is sought in motor technology this has led to increasingly low inductance motors being developed, with the aim being to enable higher power handling in motors, thereby reducing the overall mass of the motor for a given power rating. This has led to major […]

Meet Tom!

Meet Tom! Software Development Apprentice   Tom has been a new addition to our steadily expanding Zikodrive team since the summer of 2020. Prior to this Tom came to us studying a two-year course for Level 3 IT at Calderdale College.  During his studies, Tom always knew he was a practical individual who has a […]

EMC Testing of Brushless DC Motor Controllers

EMC Testing of Brushless DC Motor Controllers to ensure Successful Performance and Compatibility EMC testing is a crucial part of any motor controller development, especially those that are going into applications such as automotive, medical or related applications. Where this is the case there are a range of key performance and safety criteria and certifications […]

Finding the Sweet Spot between Specification and Price

Finding the Sweet Spot between Specification and Price… Almost every financial decision we make involves a trade off between specification and price. Whether it’s looking at a new car and deciding that you will just have to go with the slightly smaller engine or a new product design that simply has to be sold at […]

Focus on; The ZDBLS1 range of sensorless brushless DC motor controllers

Focus On: The ZDBLS1 Series of Sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) Controllers You may have have seen the recently launched ZDBLS1 series of sensorless brushless DC motor controllers and wondered what type of applications they are designed for and where they will work best? Equally, you may not have paid them much notice.  Put simply, the […]

Reducing Inefficiency in Motors – Some Things to Think About

How to Reduce Inefficiency in Motors Inefficiency is a constant issue in mechatronics and the wider motion control industry with companies continually striving to improve on it year after year. There are still a few important steps that can be taken to help make your setup as efficient as it can be… 1. Choose the […]

Focus on: Own brand motor controllers for OEMs

Focus on: Own Brand Motor Controllers Why would I look at an own brand controller? The first and most obvious advantage of using a service such as this is that it will enable you to quickly develop a stock range of controllers without having to invest in any additional hardware or specific designs. You can […]