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  • Stepper Motors

    Stepper Motors (43)

    Our range of stepper motors is designed to offer as much flexibility as possible when paired with a Zikodrive ZD Series Stepper Motor Controller. We stock a standard range of NEMA 17, NEMA 23 and NEMA 24 stepper motors. If you require a particular motor but don't see it in our standard range please give us a call and we…
  • Stepper Motor Controllers

    Stepper Motor Controllers (5)

    ZD Series stepper motor controllers are robust UK designed and manufactured solutions for OEMs. We have a range of stepper motor control options which can all be programmed to meet your project needs. View our stock range, select the programme or hardware options you need and then order. If you need any help - please contact our UK sales team.…
  • Sensored Brushless and Brushed DC Combined Controllers

    Sensored Brushless and Brushed DC Combined Controllers (3)

    Zikodrive Sensored Brushless and Brushed DC Combined Motor Controllers drive Sensored Brushless DC motors and/or Brushed DC motors. Well suited to pumps and process control applications where the same pump casing and body can be used but different motors used. Change the motor in the pump and quickly change the cost and performance of the pump. Choose from a range…
  • Motor Control Packages for Specific Applications

    Motor Control Packages for Specific Applications (21)

    Explore our range of motor and controllers packages designed for specific applications. We have packages suitable for pumps, audio applications, laboratory applications and more. Don't forget that all controllers can be quickly customised to meet your requirements. OEM options available including custom branding, hardware mods and more. Got a question? Talk to our UK sales team today.
  • Motor Control Accessories

    Motor Control Accessories

    Zikodrive Motor Control Accessories add to the functionality and features of Zikodrive Motor Controllers, thus enabling even more control. All Zikodrive accessories make it simple to control whatever motor control features you need by changing the programme so adjustments and modifications are easy. ZDBL Series of Sensorless Brushless Motor Controllers are quickly turned from basic motor controllers into powerful dosing…
  • Geared Brushed DC Motors

    Geared Brushed DC Motors (1)

    Sensored Geared Brushed DC motors suitable for a wide range of applications. Available with a wide range of controllers to meet your requirements. Explore custom programmable controllers or setup yourself. OEM options available. Got a question? Our UK based sales team are here to help. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Brushless Motors

    Brushless Motors (16)

    Zikodrive brushless DC (BLDC) motors offer a range of performance options. Whether it's a small, simple motor you need or a more powerful alternative suitable for heavy duty industrial applications, we can help.
  • Brushless Motor Controllers

    Brushless Motor Controllers (9)

    Zikodrive Brushless DC (BLDC) motor controllers offer power, flexibility adn are fully programmable to meet your requirements. Whether it's sensored, sensorless, 4Q, trapezoidal or sinusoidal, we can help. Don't forget that all Zikodrive brushless motor controllers are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards. They are quality solutions that are built to last. You can also…
  • Brushed DC Motor Controllers

    Brushed DC Motor Controllers (3)

    Everybody knows that all you need to do to get a DC motor moving is plug it in to an appropriate power supply. But what do you do if you need exacting, calculated performance from the motor? Say for example in an audio equipment application? One option that you should certainly consider is using Zikodrive Brushed DC motor controllers. Need closed…

Motor Controllers for OEMS

We work closely with a large number of OEMs in different industries around the world. They trust us because we deliver tailored, high quality motor controllers and exceptional value for money.

Whatever your requirement, we’re confident we can help. Working with Zikodrive offers the following benefits;

If you are an OEM and would like to talk to us about custom design work or higher volume pricing please contact us here.

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