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We spend every day designing, programming, modifying and dispatching a wide range of motor controllers for stepper, brushless and brushed DC motors. Whilst this might make some of us slightly dull company it does mean that we have an extensive ‘back catalogue’ of intellectual property and motor control design experience. This enables us to carry out bespoke design work much faster than many other companies.

Possibly the UK’s most decorated motor control design engineer?

Zikodrive Motor Controllers bespoke design department is headed up by Founder Graham Fick. In the company’s first 2 years, Graham was shortlisted for 4 individual awards and claimed the prestigious Motion Control Engineer of the Year award at the 2017 Motion Control Industry Awards. Your project is clearly in safe hands.

Over 12 years experience in the motion control industry

Our team has considerable experience in the motion control industry. We use this experience to help advise, support and develop your requirements into a workable package delivers the performance and value for money you need.

Extensive design templates to speed up the process

We retain the vast amount of intellectual property for all our motor control design work. This enables us to get started quickly and deliver high quality motor controllers based on proven technology. For more information on this side of our business please feel free to give us a call.

Over 12 years Experience

An Award Winning Team!

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Boxer iD Stepper Motor Driver Motor Control Design

Boxer iD Stepper Motor Controller Customisation Case Study

The Boxer iD stepper motor controller was developed by Zikodrive Motor Controllers for Boxer Pumps.

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Reduced costs for higher volume projects

A further advantage to using customised and bespoke motor controllers is that they can very often reduce the overall cost of the controller on higher volume projects.

Quite simply, with a bespoke or customised motor controller, you only pay for the components and connections that you need.

With no unnecessary components on the board we can deliver the most competitive price possible and get your project moving quickly and efficiently. 

We offer a range of commercial / development packages so depending on your requirements we’re confident that we’ll be able to find a deal that works for everyone. Whether you’re a large OEM wanting a licensing deal or design support or a small company that just needs the right controller to get a product off the ground we’re happy to work with you.

How does the motor control design process work?

Firstly we work closely with you to develop a detailed specification. We then carry out preliminary to determine costings and lead times. We will then send these across to you in a detailed proposal. If you have any questions or changes which need to be made we will carry these out at this point. Assuming everything is agreed we will then begin design work on receipt of a PO and development fee. We will then supply samples and a site visit (depending on development agreement) in order to help set everything up. Once you are happy with performance simply place an order as required and we will deliver the motor controllers programmed up and ready to go.

Motor controllers designed, developed, tested and delivered…

We don’t just offer our design services. We also offer full production, programming and delivery. We can design the board, work with you to ensure the motor controller meets your performance expectations and then supply boards to you as required. If you need on site assistance with the setup and installation phase or you need a range of programmes to install on the same board then we can do this. By getting boards manufactured by us you are safe in the knowledge that if any components become obsolete or otherwise, we will be able to quickly modify the controller to continue with the performance you require.



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