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What is a sensored BLDC motor and what brushless motor controller (Brushless ESC) can I use with them?

A sensored BLDC motor is a brushless DC motor with inbuilt positional sensors (called hall effect sensors). These sensors can be used by a brushless motor controller (brushless ESC) to monitor the exact position of the rotor and are therefore a useful method of maintaining speed of the brushless motor. These sensors are also particularly useful during the start up phase as it enables an optimised sequence to be applied depending on the exact position of the rotor.


There are however, disadvantages to such motors. Firstly, they are more expensive than sensorless bldc motors due to the added components and the additional complexity involved in construction. As a result of the additional complexity they are also more prone to problems, especially in applications where there are potential issues with humidity or dirt as any interference with the sensor’s performance will ultimately jeopardise the entire control of the motor.


The simple answer is yes, although the sensorless brushless motor controller will clearly not be able to make use of the hall effect sensors.

A sensorless BLDC ESC or brushless motor driver such as the ZDBL10 will not be able to make use of the inbuilt sensors within the motor but it will still be able to drive the motor using a sensorless brushless drive. Speed can be accurately maintained by using the back-EMF generated by the motor to read and determine the speed of the motor (in the same way the hall sensors would do in a sensored bldc motor). This can then be used to maintain a fixed speed even under a variable or changing load.

If you are not sure about how this might impact on performance please CONTACT US TO DISCUSS.

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Why not start by browsing some of the ZDBL Series of Brushless Motor Controllers which have been used in several applications to drive sensored brushless motors, despite not making use of the sensors within the motors. By using Back-EMF generated in the motor, the ZDBL10 Sensorless Brushless Motor Controller can maintain a stable speed.

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