Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers
Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

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Bespoke Stepper Motor Controller ApplicationsFind out more about bespoke stepper motor controllers


In cases where we do not have a stock range stepper motor drive rand controller which will meet your requirements or in cases where you need something much more bespoke to make your project work we offer a custom design service and modification service.

The primary aim of this service is to deliver value for money and customised stepper motor performance for the application that you have.

Whether it is a simple modification to an existing controller such as the addition of an onboard pot to control current settings, or something much more complex, we can certainly help.

Scroll down to read more about applications, case studies, design expertise and more and if you have any questions at all please do no hesitate to get in touch with us.


Don’t forget that one of the quickest ways in which to deliver customised brushless motor controllers is through a quick modification to an existing driver.

We regularly carry out simple modifications including different types of connectors, additional power, added onboard hardware (such as pots for quick parameter changes) and more.

To browse our stock range of brushless motor controllers you can CLICK HERE.

To discuss your project with an engineer please call 0333 123 7130 and select the technical option from the menu.

This will put you directly through to our engineering team who will be more than happy to discuss your project.

Find out more about customisation and bespoke design of stepper motor controllersContact us to discuss your projectFind out more about bespoke brushless motor controllers


Significantly quicker  than you might expect…

We spend all of our working week designing, programming and setting up motor controllers, many of which are stepper motor controllers.

This means that we know quite a lot about them and it is also means that we have built up quite an extensive ‘back catalogue’ of intellectual property which we can use in design and development work.

Depending on the nature of your enquiry we can often deliver bespoke stepper motor controllers as quickly as 6-8 weeks.

Bespoke Stepper Motor controllers designed, programmed and delivered to your door.

We know that you don’t want a bespoke stepper motor controller as much as you want a solution to the problem that you have.

We can deliver this. We will take your specification, work with you to ensure it is complete and then do all of the work required to turn this specification into a practical stepper motor controller.

At the end of this process we will supply the drivers that you need which will do exactly as you require straight out of the box.

How does the process work?

The key to a successful bespoke design project is to ensure that the specification is as clear and comprehensive as possible. WE will therefore work with you to ensure that the specification meets all of your exacting requirements but also that it is realistic and achievable.

If we think a certain specification will have problems (for example physical dimensions begin too small for the specified power) we will highlight this, not to be pedantic and annoying but because the controller would fail if we did not.

Once we have the specification we will price up the development work and the likely batch costs as quickly as possible and come back to you with a detailed proposal.

Assuming that you are happy with this proposal we will then get to work designing, testing and prototyping the new stepper motor controller.

Once we have prototyped the unit we will come in and see you to help test the unit thoroughly. If there are any issues here we can often solve them ‘on site’ but if not we will take the unit back with us for reworking.

Once we have completed this stage and you have completed extended testing we will assign a part number which will cover the exact design and programming and yo uwill then be able to reorder the units as required which will then work straight out of the box.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a cusotmised or bespoke stepper motor controller  depends on the complexity of the specification. As a basic example, for simple modifications to an existing ZD Series Stepper Motor Controller prices can be as low as £1000. For a brand new design prices typically start at around the £4000 mark.

If you have a stepper motor controller specification which you are looking at developing as a new design project it is always best to talk to one of our engineers first. Once we understand the fundamental specifications, requirements and applications of the project, we can usually give you an approximate figure quite quickly.

As with all Zikodrive Motor Controllers, your bespoke or customised stepper motor controller will be designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

We do this because we are able to ensure the highest possible quality of stepper motor controller and also because it enables us to deliver reliable, long lasting performance.

UK Manufacturing improves quality and reduces lead times

We are committed to and proud of the fact that we deliver high quality stepper motor controllers. It is a core part of what we care about as a company.

However, there are some significant further advantages of having operations based in the UK. One major example of this is that it enables us to significantly reduce lead times both for prototype bespoke stepper  motor controllers and for the final production versions.

How do I find out more?

To find out more you can start by looking at our STOCK RANGE OF STEPPER MOTOR CONTROLLERs.

Alternatively you can explore some of our CASE STUDIES.

You can also CLICK HERE to explore typical STEPPER MOTOR APPLICATIONS.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with one of our engineers please CONTACT US TODAY to discuss.


Approximately 70% of the bespoke stepper motor controller design work that we carry out is protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

If you have a project or application which you would like to move ahead with but would require us to sign an NDA before discussing any detailed specification or applications information we are more than happy to do so.

Simply visit our CONTACT PAGE and send an email request to our main enquiries email and we will get this signed and back to you as quickly as we possibly can.

If there is a good time to then discuss your project please let us know and we will do our best to arrange a call back at that time. Alternatively if you would like a formal meeting please advise on a few good dates and times and we will arrange for a sales engineer to come and visit you.


The perfect stepper motor controller for your application or project…

Bespoke stepper motor controllers can be designed to deliver the exact performance that you require, whether that’s the ability to drive a higher powered motor than the stock range, specific onboard hardware or a specific form of communication protocol.

We can design and build your stepper motor controller to any specification. Just let us know and we will do the rest.

Bespoke stepper motor controllers can deliver cost savings at higher volumes

By developing a bespoke stepper motor controller it is possible to save significant sums of money if your project is likely to move into higher volumes.

This is quite simply because the  perfect stepper motor controller for your application means that you have no wasted components or materials, thereby reducing costs.


POS ApplicationsLaboratory ApplicationsPump ApplicationsIndustrial ApplicationsSee All ApplicationsBespoke designed stepper motor controller cost less than you might think

The ZD Series of Stepper Motor Controllers can be quickly modfied for a range of applications


The lowest cost route…

If your brushless motor controller does not require major power then it is possible for it to be designed and built as a component without any additional testing. Because all of our controllers are designed and made in the UK we know that all of the components meet guidelines such as RoHS and WEEE. It is therefore often the simplest route to get the final product CE marked rather than adding additional cost at the design stage.

What if I need CE marking or additional Safety Certification?

If you need any specific safety certifications such as CE marking or similar please do let us know at the outset of the project.

This is because ensuring we meet specific targets is best incorporated at the design stage where we can ensure direct compliance as required by your project.

In addition, if you know that your brushless motor controller is likely to be used in an electrically noisy environment then please do let us know as this can have a significant impact on controller performance if the controller has not been properly protected. Again, all of these issues can be quickly solved at the design stage but making changes later on can be a real nightmare.

Can you add casings to your range of motor controllers

Absolutely yes. Depending on what you are looking for, we can supply our motor controllers either boxed up in standard off the shelf product boxes or alternatively, for something more bespoke we can work with one of our mechanical or product design partners to deliver a bespoke casing.

As with CE Marking, if you do have any specific requirements at this stage it would obviously be better to let us know at the outset.

Ok, I think I understand, what should I do next?

You can explore more case studies or more specific bespoke design information by choosing from the links below.

Alternatively, if you have a project which you would like to discuss with us please CLICK HERE to contact us and our engineers will be delighted to hear from you.

The ZD10 Stepper Motor Controller mounted on a NEMA 23 Stepper Motor

Bespoke designed stepper motor controller cost less than you might thinkZd10 stepper motor controller can be customised or modified to deliver a bespoke stepper motor controller

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Why not start by browsing some of the stepper motor and stepper motor driver packages that we have put together ourselves. All of these have been carefully matched to ensure the maximum mechanical performance from the stepper motor whilst at the same time ensuring they deliver value for money.