Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

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Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

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Zikodrive Motor Controllers is a trading name of Round Bank Engineering ltd. Registed Company Number 08288866. VAT Number: GB226504428


Zikodrive ZD Sreies Stepper Motor Controllers and Stepper Motor Drivers are used in a huge variety of applications from pumps and process control applications through to point of sales equipment and laboratory equipment. This page highlights some of the most common applications and highlights the key features of the ZD Series of Stepper Motor Controllers which makes them particularly relevant to these types of applications.

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+44 (0) 333 123 7130

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Custom Programmed stepper motor controllers for deliver exacting and exceptional performance time after time…

ZD Series stepper motors can be custom programmed to meet whatever the key requirements of your application are.

If you need a specific speed range, external hardware or UART interface, we can set this up quickly, assign you a part number and make repeat ordering a piece of cake.

A huge range of user interface options make designing products around the ZD Series easy

In a large range of applications such as pumps and process control or laboratory equipment there is a growing need to pack more features into new products whilst at the same time delivering these feature in an easy to use package.

For applications such as this, the ZD Series of Stepper Motors excel.

We can provide the ZD Series with a huge range of external user interfaces from LCD screens to switches and pots and more. If you need something specific for your project just let us know and we will be happy to advise on how we can make it work.

Complete control with added power opens the door to a huge range of applications…

The ZD Series of stepper motor controllers is offered in a significant range of power ratings designed to allow solid performance in a huge range of applications.

Applications such as point of sales and rotating turntables can be quickly set up as can a range of industrial applications.

We have tried to add as much detail as possible to the applications section of our website but if you have an application which you think may work well with stepper motors and controller and have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Pumps and Process Control Applications

The ZD Series of Stepper Motor Controllers are often used in pump and process control applications, particularly in dosing application using persistaltic or diaphragm pumps.

The custom programming options available with Zikodrive Motor Controllers are an important part of this as are a number of the key features such as microstep resolution and user interfaces included on Zikodrive Motor Controllers.

The controls you need together with the performance you need…

It’s one thing having exceptional technical performance but many of our applications require specific physical controls in order to incorporate the stepper motor and controller into a product or application.

Zikodrive Motor Controllers can customise any board as required and if you require additional plugin boards these can also be supplied.

Incredible accuracy

The ZD Series offer up to 128 microstep resolution and can be controlled in a large number of ways. If high speed resolution is required we have a number of high resolution options.

Why not start by browsing some of the CASE STUDIES that we have worked on and see what some of our other customers have chosen to do. You can also learn more about the specific customisation options on the individual product pages of our stepper motor controllers or by viewing our OEM Services page.

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