Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

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Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

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Zikodrive Motor Controllers is a trading name of Round Bank Engineering ltd. Registed Company Number 08288866. VAT Number: GB226504428

1. Standard ‘off the shelf’ range. Select the stepper motor controller or BLDC motor driver (Brushless ESC) you need, tell us what programming or communication protocol you want and we will get them out to you. Depending on the project we can offer on site support setting up and we can custom programme the controller specifically to your requirements.

2.  A modified controller? If you need something more bespoke but don’t want to go down the full bespoke design route we may be able to quickly modify an existing stepper motor controller or brushless ESC to meet your requirements. Examples of modifications include branding, pots, power output and control interfaces. We can also take the motor control board and redesign it to different physical dimensions. If you have any questions you can call, use online chat or email for more information.

3. Bespoke Electronic Design. We offer a full bespoke electronic design service with motor control as a key focus. Find out more by clicking HERE.

4. A longer term relationship. Perhaps you are a small manufacturer who has different motor control needs for a range of different projects. We can help! We have several customers who are not experts in stepper motor control or brushless DC motor control  but who require advanced motor control solutions for their products. We support them throughout the entire process. If they get an enquiry they are not sure about, they simply pass the technical questions across to us, we answer within 24 hours and if needs be we reprogramme controllers or develop new motor control boards to meet their needs. Click HERE to find out more.


A wide range of motor control services to ensure we deliver the motor controllers you need.

Bespoke DesignOur stock range of motor control productsZD Series stepper motors and ZD stepper motor drivers with inbuilt LCD interface


A range of services from bespoke electronic design of brand new stepper motor controllers or brushless ESCs (or other electronic projects) to simple modifications and custom branding of our existing range of motor control options. We also offer a comprehensive range of technical support options including additional paid support options for companies who require consistent support to meet their customer’s demands. The range of services we offer is specifically tailored for companies and manufacturers who require exacting motor control and the support to deliver it to market. As always, if you have any specific questions or projects that you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and our engineers will be delighted to help.

Customise your motor controller todayTech Support on tap

1. Custom Branding - many companies like the idea of offering their customers a stepper motor controller or brushless DC motor driver which has their own branding. If you like our range of products but would like to be able to offer this as a custom branded option we can do this. Please bear in mind that this is generally only cost effective if you are going to purchase batches of 100+ and there is a tooling charge associated. For more information on this CLICK HERE

2. A custom motor controller? Customising an existing stock stepper motor controller or brushless ESC is a significantly lower cost way of delivering the motor controller you need in comparison to full bespoke electronic design. We regularly make quick modifications to our controllers for specific customers in the following areas:

- Changing power output?

- Reduced features to lower cost - don’t need the onboard pot or connectors? Then we can get the cost down.

- A specific user interface

- Specific on-board controls. Need to change settings quickly? - we can add pots, dip switches and more to make quick changes really simple and easy.

The ZD Series of Stepper Motor Controllers can be quickly modified in a huge number of ways. We can add a range of external user interfaces, add specific hardware for control or setup and simplify the controllers to create value for money. Whatever you need for your application? - CONTACT US

Stepper Motors & DriversZD4 Stepper Motor DriverStepper motors with integrated stepper motor drivers and controllers - NEMA 17 and NEMA 23ApplicationsBLDC Motor Drivers


1. Complete Motion Control Systems - we can build and install complete motion control systems based on our Zikodrive Stepper Motor Controllers or Brushless Motor Drivers.

2. Case Studies and Examples - we have some relatively simple case study examples such as the Rotating Prism Case Study. This was a relatively simple system designed to rotate and stop exactly as the customer required. We built a small system in which the timings and distances could quickly be modified to the customer’s requirements.

3. Additional Hardware or Software Design - if your project requires additional hardware to deliver the full range of performance then we can carry this out as part of the project. We regularly carry out work in which we custom design a user interface or break out board to meet the customer’s specific requirements and then combine this with our stock stepper motor controllers or brushless ESCs.

4. Full electromechanical systems - we work closely with S3 Design where required to deliver full motion control systems including mechanical parts. S3 Design are specialists in the design and manufacture of moving parts for a wide range of applications so between us we can deliver what you need.

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