Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

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Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

+44 (0) 333 123 7130

Zikodrive Motor Controllers is a trading name of Round Bank Engineering ltd. Registed Company Number 08288866. VAT Number: GB226504428


As an organisation we believe that we benefit from building cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with companies and individuals in a range of sectors. Be it distributors who can help distribute our products, mechanical design companies who we can share projects with or project management organisations who can help us deliver design projects and new development work efficiently and effectively. Scroll down for some of the partners we currently have and if you are interested in working more closely with us please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Interested in working with us?

We are keen to hear from any organisation or individual who is interested in working with us on any type of project or on a longer term basis. If you are distributor please use the contact form opposite to get in touch.

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S3 Design and Development is a design house specialising in mechanical design of moving parts. As such, there is enormous crossover between our two companies and we regularly work together on a range of projects. See the Rotating Prism Case Study as one example. S3 are specialists in the design of moving parts so if you have a project where you need any type of mechanical moving parts they are the people to go to…

PL Projects are a Project Management Consultancy and Training Organisation based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. They regularly help us with improving risk management, programme management and advising on project management of new developments or specific one off projects.

ALF Motion Control are a South Korean Motion Control equipment distributor who distribute Zikodrive Motor Controllers in South Korea and the surrounding region. For more information you can CLICK HERE or visit the homepage opposite.

Boxer Pumps are a UK/German pump manufacturer which sells around the world. We work closely with Boxer Pumps on projects requiring customised motor control and also worked closely with Boxer Pumps to develop the iD Stepper Motor Driver Board (available exclusively from Boxer Pumps).





S3 Design

PL Projects

ALF Motion Control

Boxer Pumps