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What is an optimised brushless motor controller and what are the main advantages of using them?

Optimised for your motor and your application…

If you have looked through our website and particularly the sections on brushless motors and brushless motors then you have probably seen reference to optimising brushless motor controllers for your specific motor.

What we mean by this is that we can set up any of our ZDBL Series Brushless Motor Controllers to be specifically optimised to the motor that you have chosen and the application that you are working in.

OK, I think I understand, so how does this work in practice?

In practice, we will request a sample of the motor that you are using or are wanting to use and will also request details of the application that you are using the motor in (we are always happy to sign NDAs as required).

Once we understand this we will then be able to optimise all aspects of the controller to deliver the maximum possible mechanical performance and the most energy efficient performance from the motor.

We do this by profiling the motor and application based on the number of poles, the inertia at startup, the inductance of the coils in the motor and other factors such as top speed, acceleration required and more.

Once we understand all of these we can then programme the brushless motor controller that you have chosen to deliver the exact performance you require.

This sounds good but why should I use it?

In practice, optimising a brushless motor can deliver significantly improved performance most notably in sensorless brushless applications where issues are arising with the startup phase and also the general running of the motor.

Parts of this improvement are akin to getting the timing exactly right on an internal combustion engine. If one cylinder is misfiring or the timing is marginally out then the point at which the force is applied will not be the optimum point. This then leads to a situation in which the power will not only be wasted but will actually then start to work against the engine.

In many respects a brushless motor and controller are similar. By understanding the application requirements and the key specifications of the motor we can ensure that power is applied in the most efficient manner possible to deliver the output that is required.

How much does it cost?

We charge £40/hr for setup and testing and most motors can be set up in 2-3 hours. Once this is complete you will then receive a part number which you can then use to reorder the exact same controller/programme combination at the stock price.

For more complex projects that may need fine tuning in situ we can also help but this may require a site visit. If you have a project or application that you would like to use an optimised controller for then you can CONTACT US today to talk to one of our engineers.

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There are a huge range of applications which can be effectively dealt with using sensorless bldc motor controllers.

Why not explore some of our stock range of BLDC motor controllers and if you have a particular project that you would like to discuss you can get in touch and our engineers will be more than happy to help.

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