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How to drive a brushless DC motor (how to control a BLDC motor).


For reasons that will become clear as you read on, driving a brushless DC motor requires the use of a brushless motor controller. Rather confusingly, these are often referred to in a variety of ways, all of which have slight differences. To help with these we have compiled a list of all of the different terms which you can read by CLICKING HERE.


Brushless motors do not conduct power between the rotor and the stator in the way that a brushed DC motor does and they are therefore not able to conduct power across them. Instead, the way in which they are driven relies on a number of stator poles (the number of poles can vary from motor to motor - hence why Zikodrive always optimise our brushless motor controllers to your specific choice of motor) which are then powered on and off in controlled way in order to move the motor around.

There are many similarities between the way in which a stepper motor and controller works and the way in which a brushless motor and controller works in the sense that both require powering of stator coils to deliver movement within the motor itself.


In practice there are 2 main ways in which a brushless motor is controlled by a brushless motor controller. The first is using in built sensors, typically called hall effect sensors. These sensors are included in a sensored brushless motor and are used to sense where the rotor is within the motor and relay this back to the controller. Once the controller knows where the rotor is then it can apply the power where it is required in order to drive the motor around.

The second major type of brushless motor is the sensorless brushless motor. This type of motor does not have any sensors in it (as you can probably tell from its title) and it therefore requires a specific type of motor controller specifically designed for sensorless brushless motors such as the Zikodrive ZDBL15. These types of controllers operate in an open loop system or a closed loop system (with back-EMF).

In open loop the controller simply apply the requisite drive to the motor and if the motor does not respond (perhaps because it is jammed or for another reason) then the controller will not know. However, this type of controller can also be set up to read the back-EMF from the brushless motor (the electromotive frequency generated by the motor spinning) and then use this frequency to determine the speed of the motor. For more information on using back-EMF in sensorless brushless motor applications please CLICK HERE.


We try and keep our FAQs and technical guides as concise as possible but if you would like to know more about how to drive sensored motors you can do so by CLICKING HERE. Alternatively if you would like to learn more about using back-EMF to drive sensorless brushless motors you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Or to find out more about our range of brushless motor controllers and how they might be able to help with your particular application you can do so by CLICKING HERE

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, online chat or email.

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The ZDBL15Pump Applications

There are a huge range of applications which can be effectively dealt with using sensorless brushless motor controllers. You can explore some of our stock range of BLDC motor controllers and if you have a particular application that you would like to discuss please get in touch and our engineers will be happy to help.

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