Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

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Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

+44 (0) 333 123 7130

Zikodrive Motor Controllers is a trading name of Round Bank Engineering ltd. Registed Company Number 08288866. VAT Number: GB226504428


Zikodrive Brushless Motor controllers are well suited to a wide range of applications. From pumps and process control type applications through to a huge range of industrial applications and more, the ZDBL Series of Brushless Motor Controllers can work well anywhere.

Read on to find out about case studies and applications where our controllers are being used right now as well as information on applications where they are particularly well suited to. If you would like to go straight to the range of brushless motor controllers please CLICK HERE.

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+44 (0) 333 123 7130

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace a DC motor with a brushless DC motor and controller?

How complex can the programming on the Zikodrive stock range of motor controllers be?

Can sensorless brushless motor controllers be used in dosing applications?

Can a sensorless brushless motor be started efficiently under load?

Can I purchase the IP rights to a bespoke designed controller?

Do you offer on site support and assistance setting up a new controller?

What are the typical costs associated with modifying an existing stock stepper motor controller or brushless motor driver?

Can I run a motor at a fixed speed under a variable or changing load?

Why choose brushless motors and controllers?

Can I start a sensorless brushless motor under load?


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Carefully optimised brushless motor controllers for sensorless brushless motors deliver exacting and exceptional performance time after time…

The ZDBL Series of brushless motor controllers are not simply sold off the shelf for you to use as you wish. We work with you to deliver the exact performance you require by optimising the controller to meet your application requirements.

Whether it be a pump, industrial application or automotive application Zikodrive Motor Controllers will deliver the optimum amount of performance for your project.

Compact, lightweight brushless motor controllers designed to deliver exceptional performance and long lasting reliability…

We know that brushless D C motors are chosen for a wide range of reasons depending on the application. However, one of the most important  things that many people look for is the increased power density of brushless motors as well as the compact design.

In this regard, Zikodrive brushless motor controllers are perfect - designed to be lightweight and compact (for example the ZDBL15 weighs less than 12g) they are also able to be quickly modified to fit whatever space you require.

If your application requires compact and powerful brushless motor controllers why not browse the ZDBL Series of Brushless Motor Controllers.

Starting under load and dosing with sensorless brushless motor controllers

Many brushless applications require starting under load as a key specification, something which many controllers can struggle to achieve.

However, with Zikodrive Motor Controllers out optimisation and startup programming solves this problem quickly and simply. The ZDBL Series of brushless motor controllers can work exceptionally well in a wide range of applications because of this optimisation and set up process.

Our aim is to make life as easy and simple as possible for you so you can focus on delivering your brushless motor project.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact us to speak to an engineer.

Pumps and Process Control Applications

The ZDBL Series of Brushless Motor Controllers are widely used in pump and process control applications. The optimisation process is a key part of this as are a number of the key features included on Zikodrive Motor Controllers.

Constant Speed under Variable Load

One of the central features that is used in a number of applications is the constant speed under variable load (sometimes also known as speed governing) feature.

This is particularly useful in pump and process control applications where the level of a pressure may vary but the pump is still required to deliver the exact output.

Getting the most from back-EMF

Zikodrive ZDBL Series Brushless Motor Controllers are specifically designed to make optimal use of back-EMF in order to use this feature in a number of intelligent ways.

The first of these is using back-EMF to monitor speed and deliver optimal motor performance, including constant speed under a varying load.

The second involves using back-EMF to count the number of revolutions that a motor has turned and using this information in applications such as dosing pumps to improve accuracy and performance.

Vert Rotor use ZDBL15 brushless motor controller for compressor application

Why not start by browsing some of the ZDBL Series of Sensorless Brushless Motor Controllers which feature BACK EMF as a key part of the way in which they operate.

You can view the Vert Rotor case study to see how the ZDBL15 has been used in a high end compressor application and as always, if you have any questions, please CONTACT US.

Brushless Motors ControllersVert Rotor Case StudyZikodrive ZDBL15 brushless motor controller used in a range of applicationsZikodrive ZDBL15 brushless motor controller used in a number of different applications