Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers
Zikodrive Motor Controllers - stepper motor drivers, brushless ESCs, bldc motor drivers, stepper motor controllers

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ZDLCD Stepper Motor Controllers feature advanced programmability and digital display

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ZDLCD Stepper Motor Controllers feature advanced programmability and digital display


Bespoke or Customised Brushless Motor ControllersFind out more about bespoke designBespoke and Customised Stepper Motor Controllers & Drivers for Stepper Motorsid stepper motor controller designed by Zikodrive Motor Controllers for Boxer Pumps


If we do not have the motor controller that you need then we can design it for you as a bespoke design project.

We have a range of commercial options available depending on whether you wish to keep the intellectual property or are happy to buy the units directly from us when they have been designed. Our engineers will work closely with you to ensure that the specification we start from is clear, comprehensive and well thought through.

From there we will draw up initial pricing, a timetable and project plan including site visits and support setting up and testing the controller.


After brushless motor controllers, the second most common areas of bespoke motor controller design work that we carry out is customised and bespoke stepper motor controllers.

At its simplest we can add a range of additional features to existing stepper motor controllers such as the ZD10 Stepper Motor Controller.

At its most complex we can design a completely new stepper motor controller to meet all of your requirements.

As with all our design work, we love to take on challenging and interesting new projects so if you have an application or project where you need a bespoke stepper motor controller please CLICK HERE to find out more or alternatively you can CONTACT US directly to discuss.

Find out more about customisation and bespoke design of stepper motor controllersContact us to discuss your projectFind out more about bespoke brushless motor controllers


Faster than you might think…

We spend every day designing, programming, modifying and dispatching a wide range of motor controllers for stepper, brushless and brushed DC motors.

Whilst this might make some of us slightly dull company it does mean that we have an extensive ‘back catalogue’ of intellectual property and design experience.

This enables us to carry out bespoke design work much faster than many other companies.

Motor controllers designed, developed, tested and delivered…

We don’t just offer our design services. We also offer full production, programming and delivery.

With Zikodrive, we can design the board, work with you to ensure the motor controller meets your performance expectations and then supply boards to you as required.

If you need on site assistance with the setup and installation phase or you need a range of programmes to install on the same board then we can do this.

By getting boards manufactured by us you are safe in the knowledge that if any components become obsolete or otherwise, we will be able to quickly modify the controller to continune with the performance you require.

How does the process work?

Firstly we work closely with you to develop a detailed specification. We then carry out preliminary to determine costings and lead times. We will then send these across to you in a detailed proposal. I

f you have any questions or changes which need to be made we will carry these out at this point.

Assuming everything is agreed we will then begin design work on receipt of a PO and development fee. We will then supply samples and a site visit (depending on development agreement) in order to help set everything up. O

nce you are happy with performance simply place an order as required and we will deliver the motor controllers programmed up and ready to go.

How much does it cost?

Without meaning to sit too firmly on the fence, it really does depend on the complexity of the project and whether we have similar designs in our catalogue.

For a simple customisation job it can be as little as £1000 but for a custom design of a complex board prices can be £5000+.

If you have a project it is always best to talk to one of our engineers first as we can usually give you a ballpark figure quite quickly once we understand the nature of your requirements.

As with all Zikodrive Motor Controllers, your bespoke or customised motor controller will be designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

As a UK based company we are committed to manufacturing in the UK and work hard to deliver the highest quality motor controllers that we are able to do.

UK Manufacturing improves quality and reduces lead times

There are a number of different reasons why manufacturing in the UK is important. The first of these is that it reduces lead times significantly.

Secondly, if there are any issues with the controllers during the testing and development stage these can be quickly modified and improved.

Thirdly it is possible to achieve much higher quality motor controllers using UK manufacturing.

How do I find out more?

You could start by viewing our STOCK RANGE of motor controllers, find out more about bespoke stepper motor controllers HERE or bespoke BLDC controllers HERE.


One of the main areas of bespoke design work we carry out involves bespoke brushless motor controllers.

Sometimes these are customised versions of existing brushless motor controllers (for example the ZDBL15 brushless motor controller to the left). On other occasions we can deliver completely new designs for a range of different motor types.

At the present time our stock range of brushless motor controllers are all designed for sensorless brushless motor controllers but we have carried out bespoke design work involving sensored brushless motor controllers.

To find out more about bespoke and customised brushless motor controllers CLICK HERE


The perfect motor controller for your project…

Customised and bespoke motor controllers offer the exact performance you require at a price that works. If you need any specific features or specification points we can help.

These can range from key electronic specifications right through to the physical dimensions the board must meet. However, big or small your modifications might be we can help.

Reduced costs for higher volume projects

A further advantage to using customised and bespoke motor controllers is that they can very often reduce the overall cost of the controller on higher volume projects.

Quite simply, with a bespoke or customised motor controller, you only pay for the components and connections that you need.

With no unnecessary components on the board we can deliver the most competitive price possible.


Zikodrive ZDLCD Series Stepper Motor DriversZDLCD Stepper Motor Controllers feature advanced programmability and digital display
Stepper Motors & DriversZD2 Stepper Motor DriverStepper motors with integrated stepper motor drivers and controllers - NEMA 17 and NEMA 23ApplicationsStepper Motor Drivers

Why not start by browsing some of the stepper motor and stepper motor driver packages that we have put together ourselves. All of these have been carefully matched to ensure the maximum mechanical performance from the stepper motor whilst at the same time ensuring they deliver value for money.

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POS ApplicationsLaboratory ApplicationsPump ApplicationsIndustrial ApplicationsSee All Applicationsid stepper motor controller designed by Zikodrive Motor Controllers for Boxer Pumps

The iD Custom Stepper Motor Driver for Boxer Pumps


1. Stepper Motor Drivers and Controllers

2. BLDC motor controller circuit design, brushless ESCs and BLDC motor drivers.

3. Brushed DC Motor Drivers

4. Motor Drive Applications requiring reliable speed maintenance through use of encoders, pots or back-EMF.

5. Low powered DC motor control

6. LCD screen and additional user interface programming.

7. User interface design including pots, switches, buttons and more.

8. Standalone programmers (designed to enable quick and simple changing of settings on other boards such as motor controllers and motor drivers).

9. Motor Controllers.

10. Design of motor control systems to replace outdated or discontinued AC or DC equipment.

11. Design of motor control systems to improve energy efficiency and performance.

12. Customised motor controllers to meet specific physical and design requirements.

13. Drivers and advanced controllers for actuators.

14. Plugin boards for a range of communications protocols including RS485 and more.

 Zikodrive BL15 Brushless ESC BLDC motor controller and driver

The ZDBL15 Brushles Motor Controller

zd2 2A stepper motor driver and stepper motor controller

The ZD Series of Stepper Motor Controllers can be quickly modfied for a range of applications


The lowest cost route…

The lowest cost method for bespoke motor controller design involves creating the motor controller as a component. Provided that this is within existing EU regulations on voltage and current it is perfectly acceptable to supply the unit as a component for which the OEM (or final product manufacturer) will then have to CE mark the final product.

What if I need CE marking or additional Safety Certification?

If your project requires a motor controller which is fully CE marked and certified then we can do this.

We would need to know about these requirements from the start of the project as depending on the requirements this will potentially impact on the way in which the design is carried out and depending on the regulations being used (for example if they are standards from outside the UK and EU) we may need to carry out additional research.

Once we have completed all of these checks we will then include safety certification within the quote and carry out all of the work required to deliver the project successfully.

Can you add casings to your range of motor controllers

Absolutely yes. Depending on what you would require we can supply our motor controllers either boxed up in standard off the shelf product boxes.

Alternatively, for something more bespoke we can work with our design partners to deliver something more bespoke.

If you had any specific requirements at this stage we would obviously be able to take those into account.

Ok, I think I understand, what should I do next?

You can explore more case studies or more specific bespoke design information by choosing from the links below.

Alternatively, if you have a project which you would like to discuss with us please CLICK HERE to contact us and our engineers will be delighted to hear from you.